Jamie Pastor Bolnick

Selected Works

"A shocking and sometimes mordantly funny narrative of struggle and survivalů.."
--Publisher's Weekly
"The remarkable book based on a mildly retarded orphan's own account of her life in an institution."
--Redbook Magazine

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Jamie Pastor Bolnick lives with her family and dogs in New York City. An ex-actress, journalist and photographer, her work has appeared in Redbook, New York Newsday Sunday Magazine, The New York Daily News and Interview Magazine.

She is the author of two nonfiction books, "Living at the Edge of the World" -- recently adapted theatrically by actress Rachel Morgan, titled "The Most Beautiful High", and mounted for a limited Chicago run -- and "Winnie: My Life in the Institution", which was made into an NBC-TV Movie of the Week, starring Meredith Baxter Birny in the title role.

Her books have been translated and published in Holland, Norway, China and Japan.

Currently she is working on a memoir about 1960s life in a three-room apartment in New York's burgeoning East Village with six other aspiring artists, a streetwise seven-year old girl, and a mutt named Queenie. Its working title is "Teddy and Me".